Happy Birthday DRIFT & DAGGER!


My second book baby is a year old! I can't believe it's been a year since this book came out into the world. I love this book so much. I still feel like SALT & STORM gets ten times as much attention, but the people who pick up DRIFT & DAGGER love it *hard.*

Something about Mal's story, the story about a weirdo, lonely, funny outsider, mad-dashing around the world on a hunt for self-redemption and revenge, just hits a chord.

And oh man do I love Mal. He was a joy to write, even if the head of an 18-year-old boy convinced he's a monster could sometimes be a tough space to live in.

I am *thrilled* to celebrate DRIFT & DAGGER's first birthday with a very special giveaway. Every now and then, I put together annotated copies of my books. They are so much fun to create and very, very special--I fill them with stories, jokes, drawings, asides, things I've never told anyone about my books and my writing. This is the first time I've done an annotated copy of DRIFT & DAGGER and the first time I'm offering an annotated copy as a giveaway. It just feels right that this book, which is so much about thoughts and feelings, love and betrayal, self-loathing and self-acceptance, be the book where I share my own inner thoughts.

So, if you'd like to get your paws on this book (and oh man you definitely do), all you have to do is follow me on Twitter AND retweet any of my DRIFT&DAGGER tweets! The contest will run until 9PM ET on Friday, September 9, and every RT counts as another entry, so keep checking my Twitter feed for more chances to win! Sorry international readers: the book can only be mailed to a US address :(. BUT, I do offer an international prize (a custom jpg drawing!) so you can get in on the fun, too! Contest is now closed!


Guys, I am so thrilled to finally tell you all about one of the coolest things to happen to my books! The team at BookTrack has reimagined my ebook novella, SALTWATER HEART, by setting the words to beautiful music and atmospheric sound effects for you to listen to as you read! It is so super awesome and oh man do I love it. You can listen to it here, and I highly recommend you get yourself a nice cozy mug of tea, a warm comfy blanket, turn up the volume and turn down the lights. It is so good. (Mobile users take note! Please download the BookTrack reader before opening the link!)

To celebrate this very cool news, I'm hosting a giveaway! GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED As per usual, there will be several fun and exciting prizes you can win simply by retweeting me and following me on Twitter, but this time, I'm adding a fun new twist. There will be a grand prize package (detailed below!) which you can only enter by tweeting @ me your favorite line from SALTWATER HEART (include #SALTWATERHEART)! How it works:

1. Go to the SALTWATER HEART BookTrack page (or buy and download the SALTWATER HEART ebook)

2. Read and pick out your favorite line from the book

3. Go to Twitter and tweet me that line with #SALTWATERHEART. Here's what a sample tweet would look like (btw: please find a different line than this one to use...):

Three years before I lost my hand, I lost my heart to Alice #SALTWATERHEART @Kendall_Kulper

4. That's it! You're entered!

Okay got it? Good! Noooow onto the prizes!


ALL winners will receive these SALT&STORM, DRIFT&DAGGER, and SALTWATER HEART postcards, with a handwritten note of congratulations from me!


FIVE winners will receive a SALT&STORM temporary tattoo (featuring the same protective tattoo Avery wears in the book)


TWO winners will receive a hand-carved wooden whale pen (for all your nautically-inspired writing)


ONE winner will receive a full-sized map of Prince Island, the setting for SALT&STORM and a featured location in SALTWATER HEART

Aaaaaand the graaaaaand prize winner will receive ALL of the above prizes, *plus* this gorgeous anchor and leather bracelet, so you too may find your long-lost love!


Um, how cool is this bracelet?? (so cool I got one for myself, too...)

The contest will run until 8PM on 8/2, and every RT and SwH line tweet is a new entry, so tweet early and often! Standard contest rules apply; prizes can only be mailed to US addresses. CONTEST NOW CLOSED

Want to learn more about SALTWATER HEART?:

The summer James lost his heart to Alice, Alice lost her heart to the sea. The confident and charming daughter of the town's most accomplished whaling captain, Alice changes James's life the moment she teaches him how to sail. But when her father needs to fill a spot on his ship, it's James who is offered the position, and the day he returns from his expedition, he discovers Alice has disappeared.
In this companion novella to Salt & Storm and Drift & Dagger, James must search the world for his heart's desire, a journey that takes him from the strange and mysterious world of the infamous Roe witch to the deepest and most dangerous reaches of the ocean itself.

Good luck in the contest and don't forget to check out SALTWATER HEART and its stunning new book track!

Speed Dating at ILA!

I had such a great time meeting so many amazing teachers, librarians, and educators at the International Literacy Association's annual convention in Boston. Ten-minute visits to seven tables of ten teachers each meant I have never talked more or faster in my entire life, but it was fantastic getting to share more about my books and writing!

Since lots of folks asked about school visits and Skype chats, I'm happy to offer a discounted rate to all ILA attendees! I'm also available for (and love!) conferences, book fairs, and events. For more info, please email Kendall.kulper@gmail.com. 

If you'd like a copy of the educators' guide I passed out at the event, click on the "For Educators" tab at the top of the webpage. 

Thanks again to the ILA attendees who stopped by the Author Meet-up! I had a blast, and I hope you and your students love SALT & STORM and DRIFT & DAGGER!

A Valentine's Day Giveaway!

Hellooooo book lovers!

Recently I heard the fun news that the ebook for SALT & STORM, in celebration of Valentine's Day, is on sale for $1.99! What?! SUCH A DEAL.

Frankly, I *love* that something I wrote is getting a little extra spotlight for Valentine's Day, because I have been accused (ahem) of only writing bitter star-crossed tragedies and I'm always like "look! There's still kissing! There's flirting! So romance!!!"

So to kick off the Valentine's Day celebrations, I thought it would be fun to host a little giveaway!

I'm giving away a prize pack to one lucky entrant, filled with:


SALT & STORM temporary tattoos!


A hand-carved wooden whale pen!

Postcards for all my books!

Aaaaannnnddd, the thing I'm super excited for... This gorgeous rope heart knot, the same knot featured on the hardcover version of SALT & STORM, tied by yours truly (with a little bit of Roe magic thrown in), beautifully framed and mounted. You guys, the knot is so pretty and is the perfect gift for your Valentine (or for yourself!).

How do you enter?
Twitter: Follow me and retweet any of my tweets about today's contest (they will say something like "RT to enter!")
Facebook: Like my author page and share the post about SALT & STORM on sale for $1.99!

The contest will run until 9PM ET today (2/16) and every RT and share counts as another entry, so enter EARLY and enter OFTEN!

Standard contest rules apply, and the prize pack can only be mailed to a US address. I do offer an International prize though (a custom, handmade drawing by me), so if that still sounds good to you, feel free to enter!

School Library Connection on DRIFT & DAGGER!

Another lovely review for DRIFT & DAGGER! Thanks so much, School Library Connection!

Mal is a young orphan living on Prince Island, known for its importance in the world of magic. His best friend is heir to the Roe Witch, a highly revered center of the community. Mal’s world is changed with the discovery that he is untouched by magic. His public outing forces Mal to leave the island, destined for a life stealing magical artifacts. Misadventures and betrayals result in Mal finding himself back on Prince Island. This is a follow-up to Kulper’s Salt & Storm (Little, Brown, 2014) but stands alone. Mal’s struggles to fit in a world that shuns him will find sympathy from readers. The magic in this world is subtle; readers typically turned off by romance will enjoy the focus on Mal’s inner struggles. Kulper creates an emotional adventure that will appeal to lovers of fantasy as well as new converts. 

Re: that whole "readers turned off by romance," it is true that DRIFT & DAGGER is way less romance-heavy than SALT & STORM (and, I would say, most YA in general). Got a girl who's sick of love triangles? Got a boy who wants nothin' to do with kissing plots? DRIFT & DAGGER is just what you're looking for.

Of course, if you're a reader who loves the romance, it's still got a lot of fun stuff to keep you happy (and I'd suggest you check out the SALT & STORM novella, SALTWATER HEART, aka the most romantic thing I've ever written, aka the sexy sailor story). 

Happy reading!