Now On Goodreads


While I was wondering how a book gets its own Goodreads page, it turns out some little elves made a page for SALT & STORM! I still have no idea how this happened, but I'm delighted nonetheless.

If you're a Goodreads user, check out my page! If you're not a Goodreads user, check out Goodreads first, delight in all the bookish joy and happiness, and then go visit my page.

I also have a fancy-schmancy author's page that looks pretty (to, I hope, you) and confusing (to me), and has no more information about me than is on this website, except (SPOILER ALERT) my hometown.* 

Side note: the fact that there are real people out there, clicking on my title, pretty much just boggles my mind. If you are/were one of those people, hello! Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll enjoy SALT & STORM next September! 


*This was a real question on the author's questionnaire thing that Goodreads had me fill out and it is also, for some reason, the very first thing that shows up on my profile. I guess people really like hometowns?