Happy Valentine's Day! Here's some free stuff

Hello book lovers! I am thrilled to announce that today I'm participating in not one BUT TWO great giveaways!

First, check out A Game of Tomes to read about (and enter to win!) my favorite YA fantasy novel

And then, visit the just-launching Fall Fourteeners blog to find out more about 14 fabulous YA novels debuting this fall! At Fall Fourteeners, we're giving away one of the best prizes I've ever seen: a Kindle Paperwhite that comes fully-loaded with our favorite YA novels! I am actually legitimately bummed that I'm not eligible for this because, c'mon, an e-reader AND a curated list of fantastic books?! Not too shabby.

The giveaways will run for a few more days but get your entry in early and GOOD LUCK!