SALT & STORM is an Indies Introduce New Titles Pick!

I am so honored that the American Booksellers Association chose SALT & STORM as one of the ten best children's debuts for Summer/Fall 2014! There is lots of fun information about the program and other fantastic winners (as well as a description of SALT & STORM that uses the words "achingly beautiful" *blush*) at their website here!

I actually got the phone call from one of the judges yesterday, but I'm still in a post-trip-to-Hong-Kong jet-lagged haze, so it went (as all my most important phone calls do) comically wrong.

First I picked up the phone thinking it was a confirmation for a doctor's appointment (no, I don't know why, because the area codes are not even remotely similar), so instead of talking (LIKE A NORMAL PERSON), I held up the phone for a significantly long time before the very small rational part of my brain said, "This is an actual phone call and you will need to speak."

Then the sweetest indie bookseller in the world explained to me that SALT & STORM had been selected as part of the Indies Introduce New Voices program, and I was just alert enough that I could understand this was AWESOME and REALLY COOL and I should be REALLY, REALLY HAPPY ABOUT IT, but my poor zombie brain was unable to retain any actual pertinent information, so that when I hung up my phone and Dave asked me what that was all about, I was able to tell him that something good happened with SALT & STORM and it would be on the Internet tomorrow.

Dave: You aren't sure?
Me: Well. She explained it all to me really well but my brain isn't working right now and I can't remember what she said and I wanted to keep asking questions but then I was worried she'd think I was weird and then I was going to tell her I'm super jet lagged and to repeat herself but then I thought I should just say thank you and try to Google it later.
Dave: *long look* That was probably a good call.

So, now that I am properly awake,* thank you again ABA and all you wonderful independent bookstores out there! I couldn't be more thrilled!


*Like, 80%.