Updates and News and WHAT COMES AFTER SALT & STORM?!?!

Lately people have been asking me,

"What is coming after SALT & STORM? Sequel? Series?? Animated children's movie???"

The answer, as anyone who has seen and/or spoken to me in the last two months could tell you, is...PREQUEL! More details will come, but it will be set roughly 18 years before the events of SALT & STORM and will include some familiar faces and settings (as well as new characters I hope you'll love as much as I do).

The reason anyone who has seen and/or spoken to me in the last two months could tell about the prequel is because I have been in WRITING LOCKDOWN MODE, sequestered in my writing cave (apartment), under the careful watch of my in-house editor (Abby). This book came together veeeerrryyy slooooowlyyyy, and then veryfastallatonce! and it made for some nice roller coaster moments involving staring despondently at the ceiling and celebratory Snoopy-dancing.

But now it's done, DONE! HAHAHAHAHA!!! As of last Thursday, it's officially handed off to my lovely editor and out of my life and brain for the next few weeks.

Which is nice, because at some point in the next month, we are packing up our apartment and moving to Boston. SO, our days now have been filled with filling boxes and assuring Abby that we're just changing houses and did not bring in all these boxes just to psychologically torture her.

Lest you think we're neglecting The Dog, though, our new-found free time meant yesterday we could finally take her to the (unseasonably frigid) dog beach, where she frolicked in the sand for over an hour with an expression on her face that was the doggie version of THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!


This is her in the car home. She stayed super happy and keyed up for approximately three minutes and then immediately passed out snoring. This is also an accurate description of my afternoon after handing in my manuscript.

More fun summer news to come SOON!