Today's the Day!

After years of writing and waiting, it's finally here--my book is out in the world! It is SO bizarre and wonderful.

Yesterday, after hearing about some SALT & STORM sightings in the wild from friends, Dave and I headed out to the bookstore, and there, on a shelf in a store where actual people can see it and buy it, was my book. Dave and I cheered while the other people in the aisle gave us weird looks, and I wanted to grab them and say THAT'S ME!!! I'M THIS BOOK!!!!

As we were walking out, Dave asked me how I was feeling and I told him, "Eh, just fulfilled a childhood dream. No bigs." But seriously, I actually have this very weird tendency to downplay good things that happen to me, and so with this book, I've kind of had to sit myself down and explain to myself what a big deal this is.


This is a book that came out of my head two years ago. Went through countless drafts. Found me my agent. Found me a home at the most wonderful publisher I could imagine. Connected me with fellow writers and readers around the world.

I *loved* writing SALT & STORM. This was the first thing I wrote where everything just clicked. It took me on a wonderful journey, and I am so happy that it's *this* book that made it out there.

The last few months have been a whirlwind, and the last few weeks I've been in a post-baby haze that has turned my brain into finely-grated cheese,* but I'm excited, thrilled, grateful that this day is finally here.

And I am *so* happy to finally share this book with the world!


*The baby, by the way, celebrated publication day by peeing all over me and the bed this morning. Keepin' me humble...