DRIFT & DAGGER in School Library Journal!

DRIFT & DAGGER has its first review! 

School Library Journal: July 2015

 Drift & Dagger
By Kendall Kulper
September 2015/ Ages 12 & Up/ $18
ISBN 978-0-316-40453-2
Ebook ISBN 978-0-316-40455-6

A teen comes of age in a historical setting and under difficult and harsh conditions. Mal, an orphan with a dangerous secret, and Essie, whose mother is the Roe witch of Prince Island, are friends from a young age: both are outcasts. At 13, Essie tells the village Mal’s secret. Hurt and angry, the boy flees the island on a ship and begins a new life. He meets Boone, a partner who needs the secret Mal carries to hunt magical items. The young man tries to control his anger and the monster inside him, but vengeful thoughts threaten to take him over. As Mal and Boone begin a dangerous search for the fabled Shar, a knife that takes a person’s magic forever, Mal struggles to remain human. This coming-of-age tale features action, adventure, high seas, magic, betrayals, and danger. Fans of alternate histories will enjoy the author’s skillful world-building and fantastic dialogue. A few short, gory scenes might be too much for some sensitive readers, but a very light romance spattered throughout won’t deter younger middle school readers. VERDICT This bildungsroman has broad appeal for those who enjoyed Catherine Jinks’s “Pagan Chronicles” (Candlewick) or Celia Rees’s Pirates! (Bloomsbury, 2003).


So thrilled! Bonus points for calling it a "bildungsroman," a word which is not nearly bandied around as much as it should be. If you'd like to pre-order DRIFT & DAGGER, click here: Amazon - Barnes & Noble - IndieBound! For autographed copies, click here