The Good News and the Bad News...

So, last week I talked about some fun! things! to come!!! Including an educator's guide for Salt & Storm and the very exciting SECRET PROJECT announcement!

Well, the bad news is...the SECRET PROJECT announcement has been moved from today to next Friday. There were a few last-minute tweaks, and in the interest of getting things just right, it's getting pushed back juuust a little.

But the good news is that Salt & Storm's educator guide is available NOW! Produced by my publisher, Little, Brown, and written by teacher Tracie Vaughn Zimmer, the guide is designed to help teachers incorporate Salt & Storm into their Common Core lessons.


It's filled with fantastic resources and great questions about vocabulary, characters, and how the themes of the story can be applied to their own lives.


I'm still going to put together some fun mini-lessons on history, whaling, and folklore available this fall, but this educator guide is an amazing start! It's available for download (for free!) here!

And hang on...just four more days until the SECRET PROJECT is revealed!