DRIFT & DAGGER in Booklist!

So thrilled to share another great review for DRIFT & DAGGER!

Booklist: July 15, 2015

Drift & Dagger
By Kendall Kulper
September 2015/ Ages 12 & Up/ $18
ISBN 978-0-316-40453-2
Ebook ISBN 978-0-316-40455-6

Mal is a “blank,” someone in a magic-infused world who is not only immune to magic but can also impact the magic of others. He loves Essie Roe—next in line of the powerful Roe witches, the guardians of Prince Island—but in a fit of pique, Essie reveals Mal’s secret, sending him off into the world, where he takes up with magical-relic-hunter Boone. The two embark on the greatest hunt of all time: locating “the shar,” a weapon that can cleave magic from its owner. Boone wants to sell the shar and start his own business; Mal is bent on revenge. Narrated by Mal, this prequel to Kulper’s popular Salt and Storm (2014) sustains the high quality and tenor of the earlier book. Mal and Essie are evocative of Emily Brontë’s Catherine and Heathcliff, although their circumstances are very different, and the treasure hunting and mid-nineteenth- century travel will give this book wide appeal.


Yaaaay!!! Love LOVE that the review name-dropped Wuthering Heights! That was actually my inspiration for Mal and Essie's relationship and the way it and they change over time, so I am doubly thrilled that it came through!

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