The Countdown to DRIFT & DAGGER is ON!

It is exactly TWO MONTHS until DRIFT & DAGGER is out in the world, and even though, in my head, two months still feels like an endless eternity, I know it'll be here in a flash!

Because I am suuuper excited about this book, and because I want YOU to be super excited, too, every week from now until D&D comes out, I'll be releasing something fun about the book! Could be a behind-the-scenes peek, could be some of my favorite lines, could be some gorgeous wallpaper for your desktop or phone--you'll have to check back every week to see!

I also have some exciting things planned for pre-orderers, so if you're thinking of getting DRIFT & DAGGER, get those pre-orders in ASAP! (AmazonBarnes & Noble, IndieBoundautographed copies)

DRIFT & DAGGER Days will be *Tuesdays,* but I'll start us off this first week with.......


....the first thing I ever wrote for DRIFT & DAGGER!

This was way before I even really knew what the book was going to be, back when I thought I was writing a wind-swept romance a la Wuthering Heights. Needless to say, this (very rough) scene did not make it into the final book, but it's a fun glimpse into the relationship between two of the main characters, Mal and Essie (clickity-click to make it bigger).

Enjoy, and come back next Tuesday for another DRIFT & DAGGER goodie!