Countdown to DRIFT & DAGGER: Who Is Boone?

When I began drafting DRIFT & DAGGER, I knew it was going to be a story about Mal, a young boy struggling with a secret, and his friendship with witch-in-training Essie, but as I sat down to write, something was missing. Mal needed someone else in his life, someone he could talk to and someone who would complicate his life.

Enter Boone.

Boone is Mal's partner, mentor, surrogate brother, and frenemy. Boone was the first person who saw something good in Mal's otherness. To the rest of the world, being a blank--someone immune to magic--is a monstrous, terrible thing. But Boon sees it as advantage. As a hunter, traveling the world tracking down and selling magical objects, having a blank on your team means you can safely handle the most dangerous (and valuable) things.

But Boone's got something special about himself, too. He's a Silvertongue, someone who can influence people, get them to do or think things, simply through the power of his words. It makes him intensely charismatic and popular but it also means he's a tremendous liar, and even though his magic doesn't work on Mal, Mal oftentimes knows he can't trust half the things out of Boone's mouth.

As a hunter, Boone's got a lot of ambition. He sees other hunters get ahead, get famous, and form huge and successful businesses known as confederations, and it's his dream to one day stand at the head of his own confederation. He's always pushing Mal to take on bigger, more competitive, and more dangerous jobs. He's the one who suggests they go after the shar, a mysterious and valuable knife with the power to steal away a magic person's power. For Mal, the shar represents a way to get revenge on Essie, the girl who betrayed him. But Boone sees only a way to cement his name in the history of hunters.

Mal never knows quite what to think about Boone. Is he his one true friend, the only one who actually cares about him? Or has he been using Mal all these years, ready to throw him away in a second? The answer's far more complicated than he could possibly imagine and it will change who he is forever.

Get to know Boone--and all the characters of Drift & Dagger--on September 8!


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