Countdown to DRIFT & DAGGER: A D&D Deleted Scene!

Every book goes through a transformation from idea to notes to rough draft to polished draft to the finished novel in your hands. DRIFT & DAGGER had many different forms and if you compared the first version to the last version, I'd guess only about 5% made it through unchanged.

Trust me, this is a very good thing for you, because most of that 95% deserved to be lit on fire and thrown away. But, there are a few scenes that I loved, even though I couldn't work them into the final draft, and with two weeks to go before DRIFT & DAGGER's launch (!!!!), I thought I'd share one of my favorites here!

This scene was written before I quite realized that Mal, my main character, would be a blank (someone immune to magic), but I always knew that Mal would hold a disdain for people's reliance on magical solutions to their problems.

Enjoy (click on the images to make them bigger), and don't forget--you can pre-order DRIFT & DAGGER here!