School Library Connection on DRIFT & DAGGER!

Another lovely review for DRIFT & DAGGER! Thanks so much, School Library Connection!

Mal is a young orphan living on Prince Island, known for its importance in the world of magic. His best friend is heir to the Roe Witch, a highly revered center of the community. Mal’s world is changed with the discovery that he is untouched by magic. His public outing forces Mal to leave the island, destined for a life stealing magical artifacts. Misadventures and betrayals result in Mal finding himself back on Prince Island. This is a follow-up to Kulper’s Salt & Storm (Little, Brown, 2014) but stands alone. Mal’s struggles to fit in a world that shuns him will find sympathy from readers. The magic in this world is subtle; readers typically turned off by romance will enjoy the focus on Mal’s inner struggles. Kulper creates an emotional adventure that will appeal to lovers of fantasy as well as new converts. 

Re: that whole "readers turned off by romance," it is true that DRIFT & DAGGER is way less romance-heavy than SALT & STORM (and, I would say, most YA in general). Got a girl who's sick of love triangles? Got a boy who wants nothin' to do with kissing plots? DRIFT & DAGGER is just what you're looking for.

Of course, if you're a reader who loves the romance, it's still got a lot of fun stuff to keep you happy (and I'd suggest you check out the SALT & STORM novella, SALTWATER HEART, aka the most romantic thing I've ever written, aka the sexy sailor story). 

Happy reading!