Guys, I am so thrilled to finally tell you all about one of the coolest things to happen to my books! The team at BookTrack has reimagined my ebook novella, SALTWATER HEART, by setting the words to beautiful music and atmospheric sound effects for you to listen to as you read! It is so super awesome and oh man do I love it. You can listen to it here, and I highly recommend you get yourself a nice cozy mug of tea, a warm comfy blanket, turn up the volume and turn down the lights. It is so good. (Mobile users take note! Please download the BookTrack reader before opening the link!)

To celebrate this very cool news, I'm hosting a giveaway! GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED As per usual, there will be several fun and exciting prizes you can win simply by retweeting me and following me on Twitter, but this time, I'm adding a fun new twist. There will be a grand prize package (detailed below!) which you can only enter by tweeting @ me your favorite line from SALTWATER HEART (include #SALTWATERHEART)! How it works:

1. Go to the SALTWATER HEART BookTrack page (or buy and download the SALTWATER HEART ebook)

2. Read and pick out your favorite line from the book

3. Go to Twitter and tweet me that line with #SALTWATERHEART. Here's what a sample tweet would look like (btw: please find a different line than this one to use...):

Three years before I lost my hand, I lost my heart to Alice #SALTWATERHEART @Kendall_Kulper

4. That's it! You're entered!

Okay got it? Good! Noooow onto the prizes!


ALL winners will receive these SALT&STORM, DRIFT&DAGGER, and SALTWATER HEART postcards, with a handwritten note of congratulations from me!


FIVE winners will receive a SALT&STORM temporary tattoo (featuring the same protective tattoo Avery wears in the book)


TWO winners will receive a hand-carved wooden whale pen (for all your nautically-inspired writing)


ONE winner will receive a full-sized map of Prince Island, the setting for SALT&STORM and a featured location in SALTWATER HEART

Aaaaaand the graaaaaand prize winner will receive ALL of the above prizes, *plus* this gorgeous anchor and leather bracelet, so you too may find your long-lost love!


Um, how cool is this bracelet?? (so cool I got one for myself, too...)

The contest will run until 8PM on 8/2, and every RT and SwH line tweet is a new entry, so tweet early and often! Standard contest rules apply; prizes can only be mailed to US addresses. CONTEST NOW CLOSED

Want to learn more about SALTWATER HEART?:

The summer James lost his heart to Alice, Alice lost her heart to the sea. The confident and charming daughter of the town's most accomplished whaling captain, Alice changes James's life the moment she teaches him how to sail. But when her father needs to fill a spot on his ship, it's James who is offered the position, and the day he returns from his expedition, he discovers Alice has disappeared.
In this companion novella to Salt & Storm and Drift & Dagger, James must search the world for his heart's desire, a journey that takes him from the strange and mysterious world of the infamous Roe witch to the deepest and most dangerous reaches of the ocean itself.

Good luck in the contest and don't forget to check out SALTWATER HEART and its stunning new book track!